Take Your Child to Work Day Program Inspires New Ideas

2016-wid-take-child-to-work3WID’s April Roundtable was planned around the theme, Take Your Child to Work Day.  Attendees explored the concept of strengthening your child’s philanthropic heart.

2016-wid-take-child-to-workChildren are asked to fundraise CONSTANTLY! They bring home so many “fundraisers” and they follow them blindly… but sadly, they don’t really have a chance to understand WHAT they are asking for money for and why.

Patricia O’Neill and Julie Davidson Meyers led the discussion about how children are used to fundraise as well as how to tap into what children really want to support. Guide your child to discover their true philanthropic wishes & desires and help them understand the world of philanthropy better.

Carrie Wainwright and Edna Friman led a A Children’s Philanthropic Exercise.  The students created a special mosaic art piece that was donated to The Trenton Circus Squad for their auction fundraiser.  Children received a special certificate for their attendance.

2016-wid-take-child-to-work2April Sette from New Jersey Buzz, covered the event and interviewed Sharon Naeole about Women in Development: newjerseybuzz.com/women-in-development.

The program inspired a committee to review new avenues WID may be able to introduce children to philanthropy and explore new ways to think about asking, giving and leading the next generation of philanthropists.   WID can possibly introduce concepts of Empathy / Philanthropy / Strengthening a Generous Heart in children in schools, places of worship and other settings.

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